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We are team Studiys

With more than two decades of collective experience into various industries such as Human Resources, Technology, Education and Cyber Security, We are team of people who understand the needs of business and Students requirement and hence we have build this platform so that we can give you advantage of our experience today for your better tomorrow.

Services & Solutions

As part of KIT Works Group (R).  We are into various business verticals such as Cyber Security Services, Product management, IT deployment Solutions and Services, Digital marketing and Brand Building etc. The Group has presence in multiple location in India and oversees providing services and solutions to various private and govt sector organizations.

IT Services  & Solutions

We are leaders in providing cyber security, End-point Security, Audit services along with various other on-demand solutions to companies such as Servers and network deployment, System hardening, Governance etc.

Business Consulting & Investment

We as part of KIT Works, We provide business coaching, mentorship and investment to startups and business owners for starting up or scaling up the business. We contribute at various levels of business for improvement such as planning evaluation, Market research, Pilot buildup etc.

Education & Certifications

With Studiys, We have started providing certification and skill based learning solutions to youth to spread awareness and encourage quality learning and job placement to fight the growing challenge of Unemployment amongst the youth.


Who We Are

STUDIYS™ stands as India's pioneering certification platform, providing a diverse range of hybrid and flexible courses that foster and cultivate skill development among the youth. Our primary aim is to equip every participant with the necessary talents to secure placements with esteemed recruiting companies or embark on their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Our certification courses are distinguished by several factors that set them apart from others. They are meticulously tailored to cater to individual student requirements and empower them with the skills demanded by the industry. What makes our programs truly exceptional is that they encompass comprehensive training, internship opportunities, and placement assistance, all bundled together.

Image by Mimi Thian
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