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Certified SOC Engineer




45 Days

The Security Operations Center (SOC) Engineer course is designed to train individuals in monitoring, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity incidents within an organization's IT infrastructure. Participants learn to use various security tools and technologies to analyze network traffic, identify potential threats, and mitigate security breaches. The course covers incident response procedures, threat hunting techniques, and the implementation of security policies. SOC Engineers are critical in safeguarding an organization's assets and data, making this course an essential choice for those seeking to build a career in cybersecurity operations.

Benefits of learning this course

SOC (Security Operations Center) engineers are in high demand due to the increasing importance of cybersecurity in organizations across various industries. As cyber threats continue to evolve, companies are actively seeking skilled professionals to secure their IT infrastructures and protect sensitive data.

Why Learn from Us



  • Live Classroom training

  • Expert mentors

  • Advance course content

  • Free Reattempt

  • Free course upgrade

  • Regular assignments and practical lab session

  • Simulation based real world training practical labs

  • Free access to recorded sessions for 365 days

  • Lifetime access & support

  • Focused learing for every participant

  • and much more...


Skill Development

  • Industrial internship for every candidate

  • Dual Mentor from Studiys & Internship manger during internship

  • Real world exposure on assignments and projects

  • Best in industry Stipend for Onsite Assignments and Projects

  • Periodic review and assistance from mentor and company

  • Increased opportunity for placements

  • Internship Experience Certificate & Awards for achievement

  • and much more



  • Assured placement to eligible candidates with top recruiters

  • In house selection of candidates within company

  • 50% refund of fee in case of no placement within 180 days of completion of course

  • Lifetime access to placement assistance and growth guidance from our experts

  • Exposure to top vacancies across domestic and international companies

  • Assistance in interpersonal Skill development 

  • and much more

Learning is a critical process to achieve knowledge and put the milestone for strong and sustainable career ahead. With rapid development of technology and increased accessibility, it is no more sufficient to have good education, Industry is looking for Skills.

Skill development is not a sandbox activity, it requires combination of effective learning, adequate exposure to industry and timely evaluation of advancement.

We have developed our learning methodology to ensure you not only learn advance modules but also get right skills to get your dream placement, know how below.

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Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Security Operations Center (SOC)

Module 2: Cyber Threat Landscape

Module 3: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Module 4: Incident Detection and Response

Module 5: Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Module 6: Network Security Monitoring (NSM)

Module 7: Endpoint Security and Protection

Module 8: Incident Handling and Incident Response Playbooks

Module 9: Security Incident Management and Reporting

Module 10: Security Tool Management and Optimization

Module 11: Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence

Module 12: SOC Documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Module 13: Log Analysis and Threat Hunting

Module 14: Cloud Security Monitoring

Module 15: Incident Coordination and Collaboration

Module 16: Security Automation and Orchestration

Module 17: Continuous Monitoring and Threat Hunting Labs

Module 18: Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing

Module 19: SOC Metrics and Reporting

Module 20: Career Growth and Professional Development

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