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Apply for Campus Ambassador

Participate in our campus drive for providing internships for students willing to expand their skills & portfolio while learning their academics. This initiative aims to offer students a chance to enhance their skills, build their portfolios, and gain practical experience while continuing their academic studies.

About the Drive

The "On-Campus Internship Drive" initiative is a collaborative effort between educational institutions and organizations to create a platform where students can engage in internships that complement their academic pursuits. This program seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application by offering students practical exposure in their chosen fields.

Benefits of the Initiative

  1. Skill Development: The campus drive focuses on providing internships that align with the students' academic interests. By working on real projects, students can develop and refine their skills, gaining a deeper understanding of their chosen field.

  2. Portfolio Building: Internships offer students the chance to work on meaningful projects, contributing to their professional portfolios. These accomplishments can significantly enhance their future career prospects.

  3. Flexible Learning: The campus drive recognizes the importance of maintaining a balance between academics and professional growth. Internships are designed to accommodate students' schedules, ensuring that their educational commitments are not compromised.

  4. Industry Exposure: Partnering organizations offer students the opportunity to interact with professionals in their respective industries. This exposure provides valuable networking opportunities and insights into industry trends and practices.

  5. Mentorship: Students will be assigned mentors who guide and support them throughout their internship journey. These mentors offer advice, feedback, and encouragement, contributing to the students' overall development.

  6. Diverse Opportunities: The campus drive covers a wide range of disciplines, catering to various fields of study. This diversity allows students from different backgrounds to find internships that align with their career goals.

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